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Should Public Transport be Free of Charge

Should Public Transport be Free of Charge Free Online Research Papers Every one of us probably used public transport once in his lifetime. If it was a train a bur or a subway, we have to pay for it, but is that really necessary? It is a theme, which is often discussed, but I am convinced that if public transport is free we would have a better world. It should be free of charge to give everyone the opportunity to get to their destination. It is true that many of us would not prefer to take public transportation if given a choice, the more people we have taking buses, trains, and subways, the less people we have on the road. If more people would use public transport, we would have decrease traffic, noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The crucial fact is that we live in a society where cars are really required, but it would be so much better to use the bus or the train. For example, if I need to go to the University I always take the train and the bus. So a lot more people would use public transport and just leave their cars home. All of us want a cleaner planet for our future and the future of our children. Furthermore there are a lot of people who do not have that much money to pay for public transport. I know a family back home, who always take the bike to get to the supermarket, which is 5 kilometers far away. They have a hard life and they do not have money to pay for the bus and this makes their life much harder. In addition people can easy get to their work with help of public transport, but especially driving by train is really expensive. So for example a man works 7 hours in a not well played job and into the bargain the work place is far away. So he has to pay that much money for the train, that it is more trouble than it ´s worth. What also must not be forgotten is that driving by train or bus helps the social connection and could also support a better atmosphere if it would be free. I have been to Australia and in Melbourne there are some busses and trains for free. This makes life their so much easier and you fell just better and you are happier, if you drive with a train which is for free. To sum up, you can see that there are a lot of considerable advantages for making public transport free. Of course we need a lot of money to realize this idea, but all in all it would be a better way of live, especially if we look in the future. We all can help to provide a better environment and that is important for the future. I am sure that if public transport would be free, a lot of people would use it and want to help for a better world for all of us. Research Papers on Should Public Transport be Free of ChargeLifes What IfsThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfTwilight of the UAWUnreasonable Searches and SeizuresBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceGenetic EngineeringStandardized TestingThe Project Managment Office System

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Concepts and modes of expression in human imagination, values, and Essay

Concepts and modes of expression in human imagination, values, and emotions - Essay Example Notably, different periods of the art may appear dissimilar under general view; however, critical examination of the correspondent periods presents some degrees of relationships. Indeed, new styles tend to emerge from subsequent ones mainly as critics or advancements. Therefore, this paper compares the Dadaism and Surrealism periods with the central aim of identifying their correlations. Dadaism style appeared at an earlier date than Surrealism. Dadaism initiated at Switzerland and became popular in the period 1919-1922. The style mainly entailed visual art, poetry and graphics. Historically, the emergence of the movement is associated with periods of Word War I. The society had witnessed the wrath of exploitive leaders during the period hence was searching for a tactical way of communicating their concerns (Elger & Grosenick, 2006). Therefore, the movement’s prime aim was to critic the brutality of the war. Additionally, Dadaists focused on challenging an idea of exploitive s cholar rigidity presented in the earlier Art-works. The movement hence participated actively in purposeful irrationality and dismissal of the customary values of the art. The society had considered some virtues meaningless hence; the movement contradicted the idea using tactical artistic skills (Elger & Grosenick, 2006). Their settings embraced public gatherings and social backgrounds and emphasized on political issues. Consequently, the scheme developed artistic pieces that presented sensitive concealed messages. Surrealism movements started at France and peaked in the period 1924-40. Apparently, this was a considerable time after the era of the Dadaism. Surrealism presented a concept of unorganized pattern in art (Levy, 1997). The style was inspired by psychoanalytical ideologies hence artists thought of engaging imaginary and illusion world in developing Art pieces. Indeed, the style exploits involuntary mind in developing Art without a precise intention of creating logical clari ty (Levy, 1997). Initially, the Surrealist declined asserting visual work since they considered procedures of painting and sculpting to be obscene and unnecessary. As such, these practices failed to promote spontaneity, a central trait of the style. Relationship between the historical Art periods The historical periods associated with the Dadaism and Surrealism can provide us with crucial information about the Art. As indicated, Dadaism was characterized with planned expressions that scorned unacceptable attributes in the society. This developed a notion were Art was viewed as a political tool hence lost its entertainment taste. This diversion challenged the Art hence there was the need of redesigning the field (Levy, 1997). Surrealists considered developing a style that could introduce unrestricted creativity. Surrealist concurred with the Dadaism ideologies of criticizing exploitative governance; however, they observed that Art should develop works that can give the society peace of mind instead of concentrating on bad memories. Therefore, surrealism was a celebratory style that was somewhat to relive the pressures in the society. Exploitations were apparent as Dadaism advocated; however, people needed not remain in such situation hence a change was necessary (Levy, 1997). Additionally, in daily endeavors people encounter with challenges that occasionally demands a relaxed mind. Surrealist observed that driving people to an imaginary world could effectively provide people with suitable relaxed

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IMPORTANT TO HAVE TWO GUARDS PER SHIFT AT KINDER MORGAN - Essay Example rmation (2012), â€Å"Kinder Morgan monitors and inspects its pipeline system 24-hours a day from its state-of-the-art System Control Center† (Kinder Morgan: Pipeline, 2012, p. 3). Likewise, the organization enjoined the public to assist in ensuring safety and security of the noted assets through reliance on â€Å"neighbors, contractors and government and safety officials to help local field personnel protect the pipeline and identify possible damage or suspicious activity† (Kinder Morgan: Request, 2012, par. 1). It is therefore justifiable that more than one security guard per shift, particularly two security guards per shift, would man identified organization’s physical assets and perimeter due to the following reasons: (1) assets and resources to be guarded are highly volalite and flammable; very costly and any disruption due to theft, pilferage or damage would be detrimental to the organization and to the community it serves; (2) security personnel should be strategically located in diverse sites to ensure that critical risk areas are covered at all times; (3) as noted in the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, specifically under the provision of Protection of Assets, it was noted that â€Å"company property or equipment may not be removed from the premises without advance authorization from the employees supervisor. Personal use of Company tools or equipment is prohibited except in case of prior supervisory approval† (Kinder Morgan: Code, 2012, p. 17); th erefore checking and verifying approval protocols necessitate the assistance of an additional security personnel, if and when, immediately required; (4) if one guard needs to be excused at one point in time due to any valid reason (for personal hygiene or to eat, drink or take a quick and much needed snack), there is another one who could fully assume the position which was temporarily left. An organization such as KM, which reportedly discloses that safety, environmental protection, and the

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Transcontinental railroad Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Transcontinental railroad - Term Paper Example Such policies are implemented by regulatory authorities through budgets and other rules and regulations. However, there are some factors that affect the economy on the very basic level. One of those factors is infrastructure of a country. Infrastructure of a country can play an important role in the strengthening of the economy of a country. This paper analyses one such example of the effects of infrastructure on the economy. The example is that of the First Transcontinental Railroad. This railroad is said to be the first communication revolution of America. The railroad reduced the time of travel between east and west costs from six months to one week and it was indeed a huge achievement. This paper examines the problems faced by the entities engaged in the construction of the railroad and the effects of the railroad on the economy of the country (Heintz, 2009). Infrastructure can enhance the growth of the economy of a country at a very fast pace, specifically in case of developing countries. Developing companies usually have weak economic environment because of lack of sufficient infrastructure. Infrastructure can boost trade in a country which results in accelerated economic activities in the country. This scenario can best be explained with the example of the First Transcontinental Railroad that was constructed between the years 1863 and 1869 in the United States of America. The railroad was built by the Central Pacific Railroad of California and Union Pacific Railroad. These two entities were chartered by the Pacific Railway Act, 1862. This railroad connected the already developed railway network of the Eastern cost with California that was in its developing stages. The railroad was completed in May, 1869 when it changed the economic scenario of the American West for good. The railroad initiated a new series of trade and communication that triggered the economic growth in the USA. Planning for Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad In the year 1862, it was determined that the companies that would carry out the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad would be Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad. The companies started construction from their respective points. Central Pacific started building the railroad eastward from Sacramento, California and Union Pacific started building the railroad westward from Council Bluffs, Iowa. Although the companies had been assigned the task and they had started constructing the railroad, the point where both the railroads would meet was not determined. There were a number of problems that hindered the construction of the railroad resulting from the lack of adequate planning. The construction also slowed down due to the Civil War between the years 1861 and 1865. This factor also added to the problems already present due to the lack of planning. However, a point in the Mormon territory of Utah was determined to the Promontory Point where the railroads being constructed by the two companies would meet. The construction completed on 10 May, 1869 when the two railroads met at the Promontory Point. Problems Faced in Construction A railroad connecting the east and west cost of the USA had always been a dream but it was shaped into reality by the President Abraham Lincoln. However, the railroad was completed after four years of his death. The construction of the railroad was not independent of any problems. There were a num

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Computer Creativity in Soccer :: Technology Artificial Intelligence Essays

Computer Creativity in Soccer Studies concerning computer creativity in art and music have been central issues in the field of Artificial Intelligence for over thirty years, and several scholars of computer science are optimistic that computers will eventually be able to create original works (Miranda, 16), but not until recently had any computer programmer pursued Artificial Intelligence in athletics. This is a particularly daunting field because our knowledge of robotics is still very primitive, but this does not merit neglecting further investigation. Robotic soccer has emerged as a new challenge in Artificial Intelligence, but the question remains of whether robots playing sports has anything to do with true â€Å"intelligence,† or the level of creativity that is necessary to produce something artistic. The study of robotic soccer is similar to that of computer-composed art in several ways, the simplest parallel being that the more intelligent a computer is, the more it excels at each of the fields. After a certain point, raw computing power will not help a computer to improve anymore at either soccer or art, but the ability to think originally will be essential in bringing out true talent in a machine. The concept for robotic soccer originated in 1994 at an AI conference when professor of computer science at University of British Columbia, Alan Mackworth, presented a team of motorized miniature Porsches with computer chips that chased a ball around, trying to knock it into a goal. The motorized cars were equipped with only a vision system and some basic programming, but much to the excitement of the crowd of European and Japanese spectators, they were completely independent of any human control. Mackworth had originally come up with the idea only a few years earlier, after learning of MIT and IBM’s joint project to build Deep Blue, the most advanced chess-playing computer program that became better than any human player after beating grandmaster Kasparov in a best out of five game match. Mackworth realized how simple it was to construct a computer that could outwit a human opponent at chess, commenting that, â€Å"chess computers sit in a room and stare at a board. I thought AI should raise the bar.† (Preville, National Post) Chess seemed to be tailored towards computers - it is a single-player, strategical game in which players have no time constraints when thinking through all possible moves, and it does not necessitate mobility.

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Sample Solution Algorithm to Determine Meal Charges

Week 2 Activity – Meal Purchase TCO #2– Given a simple business problem, design a solution algorithm that uses arithmetic expressions and built-in functions. Assignment: Your goal is to solve the following simple programming exercise. You have been contracted by a local restaurant to design an algorithm determining the total meal charges. The algorithm should ask the user for the total food purchase and the tip percent. Then, the algorithm will calculate the amount of a tip, a 7% sales tax, and the total meal charge (including tip). The food purchase, sales tax, tip amount, and total meal charge will need to be displayed to the customer. Be sure to THINK about the logic and design first (IPO chart and pseudocode), then code the Visual Logic command line processing. Display all output using currency formatting (built-in Visual Logic function). Advanced (optional): use a constants for the 7% sales tax. Rubric: When completed staple the following documents together neatly in 1,2,3,4 order: †¢This instruction sheet first †¢The IPO Chart, second †¢The Pseudocode, third †¢The Flowchart and output example last. Point distribution for this application: Meal Purchase Document: Points possible: Points received IPO Chart Pseudocode 6 Flowchart 8 Total Points 20 IPO Chart: Input Processing Output Enter Total Food Purchase Price Calculate Food price Add Tip %* Total Food Purchased Add 7% tax * Total Food Purchased Total Meal Charge Pseudocode: Begin mealPurchase Total Food Purchased Imput total Purchased Food Amount Please enter the amount for tip percent Imput tip percent Set total tip = tip percent/ 100 Set total tip=total tip * Total food purchased amount Set total tax= sales tax/100 Set total tax= total tax* = total food purchased amount End Flowchart: Example Output after execution: