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Sample Solution Algorithm to Determine Meal Charges

Week 2 Activity – Meal Purchase TCO #2– Given a simple business problem, design a solution algorithm that uses arithmetic expressions and built-in functions. Assignment: Your goal is to solve the following simple programming exercise. You have been contracted by a local restaurant to design an algorithm determining the total meal charges. The algorithm should ask the user for the total food purchase and the tip percent. Then, the algorithm will calculate the amount of a tip, a 7% sales tax, and the total meal charge (including tip). The food purchase, sales tax, tip amount, and total meal charge will need to be displayed to the customer. Be sure to THINK about the logic and design first (IPO chart and pseudocode), then code the Visual Logic command line processing. Display all output using currency formatting (built-in Visual Logic function). Advanced (optional): use a constants for the 7% sales tax. Rubric: When completed staple the following documents together neatly in 1,2,3,4 order: †¢This instruction sheet first †¢The IPO Chart, second †¢The Pseudocode, third †¢The Flowchart and output example last. Point distribution for this application: Meal Purchase Document: Points possible: Points received IPO Chart Pseudocode 6 Flowchart 8 Total Points 20 IPO Chart: Input Processing Output Enter Total Food Purchase Price Calculate Food price Add Tip %* Total Food Purchased Add 7% tax * Total Food Purchased Total Meal Charge Pseudocode: Begin mealPurchase Total Food Purchased Imput total Purchased Food Amount Please enter the amount for tip percent Imput tip percent Set total tip = tip percent/ 100 Set total tip=total tip * Total food purchased amount Set total tax= sales tax/100 Set total tax= total tax* = total food purchased amount End Flowchart: Example Output after execution:

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Video Games And Its Effects On Society - 1588 Words

Since the creation of Spacewar in spring of 1962, video games have dramatically improved along with technology. It has become the most popular way of entertainment in modern civilization, but it also has become a subject of public concern regarding to its negative effects on peoples psychological and physical problems, especially in children and teens. Video games are now recognized by a study as an addiction according to the journal Psychological Science: â€Å"Researchers used data on 1,200 children and teens taken from a survey. About 8.5% were addicted to video games and showed at least 6 of 11 signs of addictive behavior. For example, skipped schoolwork to play games or ‘escape’ bad feeling† (â€Å"Video Games Addiction Is Real†). Studies made in South Korea have concluded that video games are indeed a real problem for society and their government took action on the matter by passing a law known as â€Å"Gaming Shutdown Law† as reported by Sun C arolyn: â€Å" Two big surveys--one by Seoul s National Information Society Agency, the other by Korea s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family--found that more than one in 10 Korean adolescents are at high risk for Internet addiction and that one in 20 are already seriously addicted.† Even though, the compulsive use of video games has caused adverse effects on people, being children and teens the more exposed to, there are some solutions that can help overcome this type of addiction. A solution to the controversy of sexual stereotypes displayShow MoreRelatedVideo Games And Its Effects On Society1463 Words   |  6 Pages Movies, video games, music and television shows come in different genres. However, depending on age in regards to youth not just anyone is allowed to: watch certain movies, buy just any video game, listen to any music or watch any tv show. Sometimes they can see certain movies with a parent or guardian. Seeing violence in excess causes violent acts to take place in society because it gives ideas to viewers or listeners especially those who are young. This the reason there are ratings for mediaRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effect On Society Essay1380 Words   |  6 Pagesthe 1970’s, video games in America have been controversial. Currently around 97% of America s children play video games in some form; from home consoles such as Xbox, to personal computers and mobile games on smartphones, even in an educational form, video games are nearly everywhere and bringing in big money. Around $21 billion is being funneled into a domestic video game industry. But what are these kids viewing when playing video games and how does that affect their role in society? A commonRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Games On Society1274 Words   |  6 PagesViolence in video games can affect ones mindset in so many different ways, where we don’t even realize it. For example playing â€Å"Grand Theft Auto† for a few hours will change your mindset. Even though it wouldn’t be in a tremendous way, but for a few minutes your mindset will think, â€Å"This game is so much fun, I want to steal cars, have police chase me, shoot at people, even steal helicopters†. According to Social scientists in the New York Times, Many studies have shown that this is becoming a majorRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effect On Society1525 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The reason why people find it so enjoyable is that games are usually the right degree of challenging and the player takes an active role (unlike watching television) so there is an incentive to achieve† (Gee) . Ever since video games were invented there was an immediate attachment and an unwillingness to release them. They present chances to accomplish things one may not be able to do in their life, and provides an escape from reality. Video games also imprint and teach new skills to the gamers whoRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effect On Society980 Words   |  4 PagesAs a growing medium, video games are often associated with various negative connotations that have obfuscated its positive contributions made to society. As a result, the general public is unaware of how video games have shaped modern-day, some even consider it a meaningless teenager pastime, but this is distant from reality. Video games are important to society at large because they do not serve for entertainment purposes only, they are a major force in the economy, scientific research, and militaryRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effects On Society2285 Words   |  10 PagesFrom the inception of Pong to the latest chapter of the video game series Assassin’s Creed, virtual gaming has been scorned and shunned as a detriment to society. Older generations speculate that incessant gaming in young children insinuates violence, antipathy, lack of creative initiative, and develops an unhealthy isolation from the real world. However, in recent years, these postulates have been put to the test; a number of scientists have conducted experimentation in order to discover whetherRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Game On Society1466 Words   |  6 PagesFor generations games have been an important part of our culture. Many of these games center on war and strategic tactics. Boys and girls have played soldier, Cowboys and Indians, Monopoly, or Chess . Through games such as these the future men and women of society learned strategy and the consequences of controlling and restraining themselves because their actions had consequences. However with the invention of the computer high definition graphics, these gam es, and many others have been createdRead MoreThe Effects Of Video Games On The Society859 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to a U.S Study by Rideout Et Al (As Cited in Anderson Bushman 2001.a), the popularity of video games is rapidly increasing. In a U.S study by Butchman Funk (As Cited in Anderson Bushman 2001.b), Around 60 percent of 4th grade girls prefer violent games and about 3 out of every 4 boys with a similar age also prefer ferocious ones. This essay will argue that violence in video games should be censored. For the purpose of this essay, violence can be defined as the physical force intendedRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effect On Society1298 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction During the advent of video games, the world was taken by storm, as this new type of entertainment caught the attention and imagination of the populace; but as this attention grew, concern and scrutiny weren’t far behind. Controversy finally got its chance in the 1990s, when games finally upgraded to 16-bit, giving them the ability to depict realistic blood and gore in games like Moral Kombat; which was criticized for excessive violence, a reason Congress used to create the EntertainmentRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effects On Society1632 Words   |  7 PagesTechnology is a large part of modern society, especially in industrial society. Depending on who you ask, people are either in favour of the advancement in technology or some are against its progression arguing that people have become too reliant. Cellphones are one of the main forms of technology that people talk about most, questioning whether they are a good thing or bad. Many people are also concerned with the advancem ent in video games, worrying that video games are the cause of crime and violence

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Analyzing Andrew Jacksons Policies and Presidency

Andrew Jacksons Policies and Presidency Andrew Jackson was the seventh president, serving from 1829-1837. Nicknamed Old Hickory, he left an indelible imprint on the nation that extends beyond his face adorning the twenty dollar bill. Jackson split the preexisting Republican Party into the Whig and Democratic Parties, establishing the dual-party structure that exists today. He was the first president who came from a rural, deep Southern background (he was born in the rustic woods of South Carolina) and his impoverished country upbringing informed his presidential policies. As someone who also captained the premier national political position, Jackson is responsible for bringing the experience and voice of the common man to the federal government. This essay will explore three of the most salient aspects of Jacksons presidency: the Nullification Crisis of 1832, the National Bank episode of 1833-34, and the treatment of American Indians and slaves. At the time of Jacksons election, there existed a protective tariff that aided big businesses and domestic transportation initiatives. However, the tariff was met unfavorably by the South, which felt that the tariffs ultimate purpose was to strengthen the industrial north at the expense of the agrarian south. Jacksons vice president, John Calhoun, campaigned on behalf of the South and attempted to nullify the tariff law within the South Carolina state borders. His premise was based on a provision settled in 1798 declaringShow MoreRelated The Key Differences between Whigs and Democrats? Essay1403 Words   |  6 PagesStates of America were the Democratic Party, organized by Andrew Jackson, and the Whig Party, assembled by Henry Clay from the National Republicans and in opposition to Andrew Jackson. There were no sectional differences between the Democratic Party and the Whig Party, but there were some cultural differences. Whig party operated from the early 1830s to the mid-1850s. The Whigs approved the authority and the power of the Congress over the presidency, favored a program of economic protectionism and modernization;Read MoreThe Role Of Independent Agencies And The White House Staff Essay1900 Words   |  8 PagesThe modern American presidency is defined as the presidency’s transition to the center of American governance. Distinct from typically passive and isolated presidencies during the 18th and 19th centuries, the modern American presidency of the mid-20th century set the use of power and popularity as precedence. The transition to the modern presidency can be understood through the development of the presidency’s institutional, international, and perceptual identity. In this essay, I will argue thatRead MoreEssay on Andrew Jackson and the Bank War240 6 Words   |  10 PagesThe validity of President Andrew Jacksons response to the Bank War issue has been contradicted by many, but his reasoning was supported by fact and inevitably beneficial to the country. Jacksons primary involvement with the Second Bank of the United States arose during the suggested governmental re-chartering of the institution. It was during this period that the necessity and value of the Banks services were questioned. The United States government in 1816 chartered the Second Bank of theRead More Andrew Jackson and the Bank War Essay2330 Words   |  10 Pages The validity of President Andrew Jackson’s response to the Bank War issue has been contradicted by many, but his reasoning was supported by fact and inevitably beneficial to the country. Jackson’s primary involvement with the Second Bank of the United States arose during the suggested governmental re-chartering of the institution. It was during this period that the necessity and value of the Bank’s services were questioned.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The United States government in 1816 chartered the Second Bank ofRead MoreA SELECTION OF PAST AP U.S. FREE RESPONSE QUESTIONS:3529 Words   |  15 Pageswith the settling of British North America than did religious concerns. Assess the validity of this statement with specific reference to economic and religious concerns. (90) 5. For the period before 1750, analyze the ways in which Britains policy of salutary neglect influenced the development of American society as illustrated in the following: Legislative assemblies Commerce Religion (95) 6. Analyze the extent to which religious freedom existed in the British North American coloniesRead MoreEssays for the American Pageant, 14th Ed.11068 Words   |  45 Pageswere sometimes halted because of concerns by English banks and merchants. The colonists often resented these intrusions by British authorities and the resulting limitations on economic opportunities. Despite the existence of the mercantilist policies, relations between Britain and its North American colonies were relatively good through most of the 1600s and 1700s. Partly this was because the Navigation Acts were not well enforced during the period of â€Å"salutary neglect† and the colonial economiesRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesstarting point for getting to grips with the field of organization theory. Dr Martin Brigham, Lancaster University, UK McAuley et al. provide a highly readable account of ideas, perspectives and practices of organization. By thoroughly explaining, analyzing and exploring organization theory the book increases the understanding of a field that in recent years has become ever more fragmented. Organization theory is central to managing, organizing and reflecting on both formal and informal structures,

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The Golden Lily Chapter 20 Free Essays

string(141) " cheerfully chatting about something, and I had a feeling his presence was preventing the others from discussing what they really wanted to\." GETTING TO TREY was easier said than done. A girl getting into the guys’ dorm at normal hours would’ve been difficult enough. But after curfew? In the middle of the night? Nearly impossible. We will write a custom essay sample on The Golden Lily Chapter 20 or any similar topic only for you Order Now I had to resort to creative options and called Eddie while I was driving Adrian home. One thing I never had to feel guilty about was calling Eddie at any hour. He kept his ringer on (much to Micah’s delight, no doubt), and I suspected he slept with the phone next to his pillow. â€Å"Yes?† Eddie’s voice was alert and ready, as though he hadn’t been asleep at all. That was just how he was. â€Å"I need you to go see if you can wake up Trey,† I told him. â€Å"Sonya’s been kidnapped and is being held at some weird compound with a logo like Trey’s tattoo. We need to find out what he knows.† This was the first time Eddie was hearing about Sonya’s kidnapping, but he didn’t ask for further information – or how I’d known her location. He knew she’d been in danger recently, and this quick message was enough to get him going. I didn’t exactly know what would happen when Eddie did find Trey, seeing as there was no way I’d be able to talk to Trey myself until morning. Still, we had to start somewhere. â€Å"Okay,† said Eddie. â€Å"I’m on it. I’ll call you back.† We disconnected, and I stifled a yawn. â€Å"Well, here goes nothing. Let’s hope Eddie can find out something.† â€Å"Preferably without beating up Trey in the process,† said Adrian. He snuggled against the passenger seat, the only sign that he too was feeling tired from our late night. He’d long since converted from a vampire’s nocturnal schedule. â€Å"Since that might limit how much we can find out.† I made a face. â€Å"If Trey’s somehow involved with this, I’m not sure I want to take it easy on him. And yet†¦ I just can’t believe he is.† â€Å"People fool each other all the time. Look at you. You think Trey knows you’re part of a secret society helping to keep vampires hidden from the world?† â€Å"Actually†¦ yes.† I stopped at a red light and thought back on some of Trey’s weird behaviors. â€Å"He knows Jill’s a Moroi, I’m almost certain of it. He didn’t notice right away, but when he did, he kept telling me to keep her hidden. Then after Sonya was attacked, he told me to stay safe.† A horrible realization was dawning on me. â€Å"He knew. He knew I was friends with Sonya. He probably knew about the attack and never said anything!† â€Å"Not a surprise if his group’s working counter to yours.† Adrian’s tone softened. â€Å"If it makes you feel better, it sounds like he was kind of conflicted if he was trying to warn you.† â€Å"I don’t know that it does. Oh, Adrian.† I pulled up in front of his building and saw the yellow Mustang illuminated in the streetlight. â€Å"You left the car out. You’re lucky it didn’t get towed.† â€Å"I’ll move it,† he said. â€Å"And don’t look at me like that. It’s within a half-mile radius. I’m not breaking your rules.† â€Å"Just be careful,† I muttered. He opened Latte’s door and glanced back at me. â€Å"You sure you want to go back to the school? You’ll be locked in until morning.† â€Å"Not much I can do until then anyway. I want to be there the instant I can get access to Trey. I’ll trust in Eddie for now.† Adrian looked reluctant to leave me but finally nodded. â€Å"Call if you need anything. I’m going to keep trying to see if I can find Sonya in her dreams. Didn’t have much luck earlier.† One of spirit’s more disconcerting powers was the user’s ability to intrude on the dreams of other people. â€Å"Is she just not asleep?† â€Å"That, or drugged.† Neither option made me feel any better. He gave me one last, lingering look before leaving. I returned to Amberwood where a sleepy student aide waved me in without comment. Mrs. Weathers had long since gone home, and her overnight coverage didn’t seem particularly concerned about my comings and goings. As I was walking up the stairs, my phone rang. Eddie. â€Å"Well, it took forever, but I finally woke his roommate up,† he told me. â€Å"And?† â€Å"He’s not there. I guess he wasn’t last night either. Some kind of family emergency.† â€Å"No word on when he’ll be back?† I was beginning to think all of Trey’s â€Å"family stuff† might be more insidious than I’d guessed. I was also willing to bet he wasn’t the only one with a sun tattoo. â€Å"No.† I DRIFTED IN AND OUT of sleep that night. My body was exhausted from the magic, but I was too on edge about Sonya to fully give in to the fatigue. I keep waking up and checking my cell phone, afraid I’d missed some call – despite the fact that it was on its loudest setting. I finally gave up and got out of bed a couple of hours before the cafeteria’s breakfast began. By the time I’d showered and dressed – and put my coffee maker into high gear – I was back into open hours on campus. Not that it did me much good. I made two more calls after that, first to Spencer’s to see if Trey was working. I didn’t expect him to be, but it was a good excuse to see if he’d been there in the last couple of days. He hadn’t been. My next call was to Stanton, reporting Sonya’s disappearance. I told her we had a lead that connected one of my classmates to the vampire hunters and that Sonya was likely being held at a compound outside of town. I didn’t elaborate on how I knew, and Stanton was distracted enough by the kidnapping in general to ask much more. At breakfast, I found my â€Å"family† sitting with Micah over at West’s cafeteria. Eddie, Angeline, and Jill’s troubled faces told me they all knew about Sonya. Micah was cheerfully chatting about something, and I had a feeling his presence was preventing the others from discussing what they really wanted to. You read "The Golden Lily Chapter 20" in category "Essay examples" When Micah turned to ask Eddie something, I leaned over and murmured to Jill, â€Å"Get him out of here.† â€Å"Tell him to go?† she whispered back. â€Å"If you need to. Or go with him.† â€Å"But I want to – â€Å" She bit her lip as Micah’s attention returned to her. She looked unhappy about what she had to do, but soon put on the resolved expression that recently I’d often seen her wear. She nodded toward Micah’s plate. â€Å"Hey, are you about done? I need to check on something with Miss Yamani. Will you come with me?† Micah brightened. â€Å"Of course.† Once the two of them were gone, I turned to Eddie and Angeline. â€Å"Any sign of Trey?† I asked. â€Å"No,† said Eddie. â€Å"I checked in again this morning. His roommate’s starting to hate me. Can’t say I blame him.† â€Å"This is driving me crazy!† I said, feeling like I could beat my head against the wall. â€Å"We’re so close and yet helpless. Every minute that goes by is another that Sonya doesn’t have.† He grimaced. â€Å"Are we sure she’s alive?† â€Å"She was last night,† I said. Both Eddie and Angeline looked at me in amazement. â€Å"How do you know?† she asked. â€Å"Um, well, I – no way!† My jaw dropped as I stared past Eddie. â€Å"It’s Trey!† Sure enough, a bleary-eyed Trey had just entered the cafeteria. Damp hair indicated a recent shower, but there were bruises and scrapes all over him that I could no longer attribute to football. Eddie was in motion before I could say another word, and Angeline and I were quick to follow. I half-expected Eddie to tackle Trey then and there. Instead, Eddie walked right in front of Trey and blocked him from entering the food line. I was just in time to hear Eddie say, â€Å"No breakfast today. You’re coming with us.† Trey started to protest and then saw Angeline and me. Jill suddenly appeared as well, having apparently lost Micah. A sad look crossed Trey’s features – almost defeated – and he gave a weary nod. â€Å"Let’s go outside.† As soon as we’d cleared the door, Eddie grabbed hold of Trey and shoved him against the building. â€Å"Where’s Sonya Karp?† Eddie demanded. Trey looked understandably surprised. Eddie was lean and muscled, but most people underestimated just how strong he was. â€Å"Eddie, back off!† I hissed, glancing around uneasily. I had the same urge, true, but our interrogation wouldn’t get very far if a teacher came by and thought we were roughing up another student. Eddie released Trey and stepped back, but there was still a dangerous glint in his eyes. â€Å"Where’s the compound you’re holding her at?† That seemed to wake Trey out of his sluggish state. â€Å"How do you know about that?† â€Å"We’ll ask the questions,† said Eddie. He didn’t touch Trey again, but his proximity and posture left no question he would go to extremes if needed. â€Å"Is Sonya still alive?† Trey hesitated, and I almost expected a denial of knowledge. â€Å"Y-yes. For now.† Eddie snapped again. He grabbed the front of Trey’s shirt and jerked him close. â€Å"I swear, if you and your messed-up associates lay one hand on her – â€Å" â€Å"Eddie,† I warned. For a moment, Eddie didn’t move. Then, reluctantly, he released Trey’s shirt, but stayed where he’d been standing. â€Å"Trey,† I began, keeping the same reasonable tone I’d just used with Eddie – after all, Trey and I were friends, right? â€Å"You have to help us. Please help us find Sonya.† He shook his head. â€Å"I can’t, Sydney. It’s for your own good. She’s evil. I don’t know what trick she’s played on you or how she’s got this illusion going on that hides her true identity, but you can’t trust her. She’ll turn on you. Let us – let us do what we need to.† The words were all correct, right in line with the Warriors’ propaganda. But, there was something in the way Trey spoke, something about his posture†¦ I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was that made me question him. People teased me about my inability to pick up on social cues, but I was almost certain he wasn’t entirely on board with whatever this group wanted him to do. â€Å"This isn’t you, Trey,† I said. â€Å"I know you well enough to know. You wouldn’t kill an innocent woman.† â€Å"She’s not innocent.† There it was again – that mix of emotions. Doubt. â€Å"She’s a monster. You know about them. You know what they can do. Not ones like her.† He nodded toward Jill. â€Å"But the others. The undead ones.† â€Å"Does Sonya look undead?† asked Eddie. â€Å"You see any red eyes?† â€Å"No,† Trey admitted. â€Å"But we have other reports. Witnesses who saw her in Kentucky. Reports of her victims.† It was hard to keep a calm face through that. I’d actually seen Sonya when she was Strigoi. She’d been terrifying, and given half a chance, she would have killed my companions and me. It was hard to accept that when one turned into a Strigoi, they weren’t in control of their senses or soul. They lost touch with their humanity – or whatever Moroi had – and weren’t the same as they’d once been. Sonya had done terrible, terrible things, but she was no longer that creature. â€Å"Sonya changed,† I said. â€Å"She’s not one of them anymore.† Trey’s eyes narrowed. â€Å"That’s impossible. You’re being deceived. There’s some kind of†¦ I don’t know†¦ dark magic going on.† â€Å"This isn’t getting us anywhere,† growled Eddie. â€Å"Call Dimitri. Between the two of us, we’ll get him to tell us where this compound’s at. I’ve broken into a prison. Getting into this place shouldn’t be that much harder.† â€Å"Oh, you think so?† A humorless smile crossed Trey’s features. â€Å"That place is surrounded with an electric fence and packed with armed men. Plus, she’s heavily secured. You can’t just walk in there.† â€Å"Why is she still alive?† asked Angeline. She seemed to realize how weird that sounded and was quick to elaborate. â€Å"That is†¦ I mean, I’m glad she is. But if you think she’s so evil, why didn’t you finish her off?† She glanced at my friends and me. â€Å"Sorry.† â€Å"It’s a good question,† Eddie told her. Trey took a long time in answering. I had a feeling he was torn between keeping the group’s secrets and wanting to justify his actions to us. â€Å"Because we’re all being tested,† he said finally. â€Å"To see who’s worthy of performing the kill.† â€Å"Oh my God,† said Jill. â€Å"Hence all your bruises recently,† I said. My fears of domestic abuse weren’t far off, really. â€Å"You’re competing to kill a woman who’s done nothing to you.† â€Å"Stop saying that!† Trey cried, truly looking distraught. â€Å"She’s not innocent.† â€Å"But you’re not so sure,† I said. â€Å"Are you? Your eyes aren’t telling you what your hunter friends are.† He evaded the accusation. â€Å"My family expects this of me. We all have to try – especially after we messed up the alley attack. We lost our authorization to kill her then, which is why the council ordered these trials to redeem ourselves and prove we were up to it.† Getting â€Å"authorization† to kill someone was sickening, but it was the rest of what he said that made me do a double take. â€Å"You were there,† I said in disbelief. â€Å"In the alley, and – and it was you! You’re the one who grabbed me!† It came back to me now, my assailant’s surprise and hesitation. Trey’s face confirmed as much. â€Å"I knew you were friends with them. I can tell by looking at all of you, although I didn’t figure you two out right away.† That was to Eddie and Angeline. Trey turned back to me. â€Å"I recognized your tattoo the first time we met. I just ignored it because I didn’t think you were involved in anything that I was. I thought you only hung out with harmless vampires, so I didn’t expect you to be there that night. I never wanted you to get hurt. I still don’t, which is why you need to let this go.† â€Å"I’m tired of this,† said Eddie. It was a wonder he’d been patient this long. â€Å"We need to bust down the doors of that place and – â€Å" â€Å"Wait, wait.† An idea was forming in my head – and it was another crazy one. â€Å"Trey, you said Eddie couldn’t just walk into that place. But could I?† â€Å"What are you talking about?† asked Trey, a mix of suspicion and confusion on his face â€Å"You know what I am. You know what I do.† Trey nodded. â€Å"Our two groups used to be united. Those guys who stopped me on the street even said they thought we should all be working together. The Warriors want Alchemist resources.† â€Å"So, what†¦ you want a trade?† asked Trey, frowning. â€Å"No. I just want to talk to this council of yours. I want to explain why Sonya isn’t†¦ er, why she doesn’t look the way she used to. There’s a Moroi who uses a certain kind of magic who could even show you – â€Å" â€Å"No,† said Trey immediately. â€Å"None of them would be allowed inside. They’re tolerated, but that’s it. You hybrids wouldn’t be allowed either.† Again, he spoke to Eddie and Angeline. I’d never heard the term hybrids used, but the meaning was clear. â€Å"Okay,† I said. â€Å"Only humans. I’m human. Your group wants to work with my group. Let me go with you. Unarmed. I’ll talk to your leaders and – â€Å" â€Å"Sydney, no,† protested Eddie. â€Å"You can’t go there alone! They tried to decapitate Sonya, for God’s sake. And remember what Clarence said about radicals stalking him?† â€Å"We won’t hurt humans,† said Trey adamantly. â€Å"She’d be safe.† â€Å"I believe you,† I told him. â€Å"And I know you wouldn’t ever let anything happen to me either. Look, aren’t you curious about why Sonya is the way she is? Can you take the chance your people are making a mistake? You said you tolerate Moroi. She’s one of them. Let me explain. I’m not asking for anything else except a chance to speak.† â€Å"And a guarantee of safety,† added Angeline, who looked almost as outraged as Eddie. He nodded at her words. â€Å"You guys are big on the honor stuff, right? You’d have to promise she’d be safe.† â€Å"Honor’s what makes us do what we do,† said Trey. â€Å"If we promise she’ll be safe, she will be.† â€Å"Then ask them,† I urged. â€Å"Please? Won’t you do this for me? As my friend?† A pained look crossed Trey’s features at that. He’d hinted before that he owed me for helping end the illicit tattoo ring last month. That would obligate any friend, let alone one instilled with a rigid sense of honor. I knew then, too, that more than honor was on the line here. Trey and I were friends – with more in common than I’d ever realized. We both were part of groups that wanted to control our lives, often in ways we didn’t like. We also had domineering fathers. If Trey and I didn’t have such opposing goals, we might have laughed about all this. â€Å"I’ll ask,† Trey said. Something told me he too was thinking of our similarities. â€Å"Because it’s you. But I can’t make any promises.† â€Å"Then ask now,† growled Eddie. â€Å"We don’t have time to waste. And I’m guessing Sonya doesn’t either.† Trey didn’t deny it. I hesitated, suddenly wondering if this was a smart choice. What would happen if we let Trey out of our sight? Would it be better if we really did drag him to Dimitri? And Sonya†¦ how much time did she have left? â€Å"Now,† I reiterated to Trey. â€Å"You have to get in touch with them now. Don’t go to class.† It was probably the first and only time I’d say those words. â€Å"I swear,† said Trey. â€Å"I’ll call them now.† The bell rang, ending our meeting. Although, if we’d had the chance to save Sonya at that moment, I knew each of my friends would have walked off campus then and there. We let Trey go, and he headed back toward his dorm, not toward our classes. Angeline – newly free from suspension – departed with Jill while Eddie and I walked to history. â€Å"That was a mistake,† he said, face grim as he stared at where Trey had gone. â€Å"For all we know, he’s going to disappear, and we’ll have lost any chance we had at getting Sonya back.† â€Å"I don’t think he will,† I said. â€Å"I know Trey. He’s a good person, and I could tell that even if he thinks Strigoi need to be exterminated, he’s not 100 percent sure of Sonya. He’ll do what he can. I think he’s feeling torn right now, caught between what they’ve told him his whole life and what he’s starting to see with his own eyes.† Sound like anyone else you know? an inner voice asked. I’d sort of hoped that Trey would give me an answer right away – say, by chemistry. But he wasn’t there either or anywhere else at school the day. I supposed these things took time, and my patience and faith were rewarded at the end of the day with a text from him: Still checking. Some are willing to talk. Others need convincing. Eddie didn’t take Trey’s message as concrete proof when I showed it to him, but I didn’t think Trey would’ve said anything if he’d skipped town. Eddie wanted to get together with Dimitri and discuss strategy on this new development. So, we decided to take a group trip downtown. I sent the summons to our family to meet outside the East dorm in a half hour. Jill was the first one to arrive, and she came to a halt when she saw me. â€Å"Wow, Sydney†¦ your hair.† I glanced up from where I’d been answering a text from Brayden, telling him I couldn’t hang out this weekend. â€Å"What about it?† â€Å"The way those layers are styled. They perfectly complement your face.† She was looking at me in that weird way again. â€Å"Well, yeah,† I said, hoping to change the subject. â€Å"It’s a, um, good haircut. Sorry we had to get rid of Micah earlier.† It took her a few seconds, but my distraction snapped her out of the hair-induced trance. â€Å"Oh, no. It’s okay. I mean, things are getting weirder between us anyway.† â€Å"Oh?† Micah had seemed as chipper as ever, the last time I saw him. â€Å"You guys are still having problems?† â€Å"Well†¦ I guess I am. I really like him. I love hanging out with him and his friends. But I just keep getting reminded of how nothing can happen with us. Like, this morning. There’s a whole other world we have going that he can’t be a part of. And I can’t stand the thought of lying to him or keeping him out of my life. I might have to do it†¦ for real. End things. I know I’ve kind of said that before, but now I mean it.† â€Å"We’re here for you if you do,† I said. I technically meant it, but if Jill came sobbing to me afterward, I wasn’t entirely sure what I should say. Maybe I could find a book on appropriate breakup counseling techniques before she did the deed. A wry smile crossed her face. â€Å"You know what’s silly? I mean, I don’t want to go jumping from one guy to another – and I do still care about Micah – but I’m starting to notice what a really good guy Eddie is.† â€Å"He’s a great guy,† I confirmed. â€Å"Moroi and dhampirs being together are discouraged when they’re older, but now†¦ I mean, I knew some who got together at St. Vladimir’s.† She gave an embarrassed laugh. â€Å"I know, I know†¦ I shouldn’t even be thinking like that. One guy at a time. But still†¦ the more I see Eddie – he’s just so brave and so confident. He’d do anything for us, you know? He’s like some storybook hero in real life. But he’s so dedicated, he’d probably never be interested in someone like me. No time for dating.† â€Å"Actually,† I said, â€Å"I think he’d be very interested in you.† Her eyes widened. â€Å"Really?† I wanted to tell her everything. Instead, I chose my words carefully, unwilling to give away his secrets after he’d spoken to me before about letting him handle his own personal affairs. â€Å"He talks all the time about how smart and competent you are. I think he’d definitely be open to something.† He also talked about how he wasn’t worthy of her love, but that resolve might fade if Jill actively went after him. She grew lost in thought, and no more was said on the topic when Eddie and Angeline came walking up. We drove into town, and I dropped Jill and the two dhampirs off at Adrian’s while I ran a few errands. Waiting for Trey was agonizing, and I needed distraction. Plus, I was low on some Alchemist supplies and wanted to make sure I was up to full strength before any venture into the Warriors’ camp. My phone rang as we were wrapping up. It was Trey, and I stepped outside an herbal store to take the call. â€Å"Okay,† he said. â€Å"You’re good to go. They’ll meet with you tonight – just you.† Anxiety and excitement raced through me. Tonight. It seemed surprisingly soon, yet that was exactly what I wanted. We needed to get Sonya out of there. â€Å"I’ll take you there at seven,† Trey continued. â€Å"And†¦ well, I’m sorry†¦ but you’ll have to go blindfolded. And I’ll be checking to make sure no one follows us. If they do, everything’s off.† â€Å"I understand,† I said, though a blindfold certainly made the venture scarier. â€Å"I’ll be ready. Thank you, Trey.† â€Å"Also,† he added, â€Å"we want the sword back.† I made arrangements for him to pick me up at Adrian’s, since I had a feeling Dimitri and Eddie would have a lot to say to me beforehand. In fact, I called them as soon as I was off the phone with Trey, to give them a heads-up. I also called Stanton to give her an update. It occurred to me I should have checked with her sooner, but I’d wanted a definitive answer from Trey first. â€Å"I don’t like the idea of you going alone,† she said. â€Å"But it does seem unlikely they’d hurt you. They really do seem to stay away from humans – us in particular. And if there’s a chance to get Karp out of there†¦ well. That would save us a lot of fallout with the Moroi.† Stanton’s tone told me, however, that even if she thought I’d be safe, she wasn’t so optimistic about Sonya. â€Å"Be careful, Miss Sage.† Adrian’s apartment was filled with tension when I arrived. Dimitri, Eddie, and Angeline were clearly agitated, probably because they were being left out of the action. Adrian, surprisingly, looked upset too, though I couldn’t figure out why. Jill watched him with concern, and they kept staring at each other, unseen messages undoubtedly passing to her through the bond. At last, he averted his gaze, like he was ending a conversation. Jill sighed and walked toward the others in the kitchen. I started to speak to Adrian, but Eddie beckoned me forward. â€Å"We’re debating on whether to give you a weapon or not,† he said. â€Å"Well, the answer is ‘not,†Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ I said immediately. â€Å"Come on, they’re blindfolding me. Do you think they won’t search me for weapons too?† â€Å"There must be a way,† said Dimitri. Since we were in air conditioning, he wore the duster. â€Å"I can’t let you go in there defenseless.† â€Å"I’m not in danger,† I said, feeling like I’d been repeating the same thing all day. â€Å"They might be crazy, but Trey says if they give their word, they’ll stick to it.† â€Å"Sonya doesn’t have those guarantees,† Dimitri pointed out. â€Å"No weapon is going to help me save her,† I said. â€Å"Except for my reasoning. And I’m armed with that about as well as I can be.† The dhampirs still didn’t seem happy. They went back to arguing amongst themselves, and I left them to find some water. Adrian called to me from the living room. â€Å"There’s diet pop in there.† I opened the refrigerator. Sure enough, it was stocked with all kinds of pop. And, in fact, it had more food than I’d ever seen. Another benefit of Nathan Ivashkov’s generosity. I grabbed a can of Diet Coke and joined Adrian on the couch. â€Å"Thanks,† I said, opening the can. â€Å"This is the next best thing you could have to gelato.† He raised an eyebrow. â€Å"Gelato? Sounds like dessert to me, Sage.† â€Å"It is,† I admitted. The mundane topic was comforting amidst all the tension. â€Å"It’s kind of your fault for bringing it up yesterday. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. I wanted some at dinner last night, and Brayden talked me out of it – which is probably why I’m even more obsessed with it. Ever had that happen? Once you can’t have something, you want it that much more.† â€Å"Yes,† he said bitterly. â€Å"It happens all the time.† â€Å"Why are you so down? You think I should have a weapon, too?† With Adrian, it was really hard to guess where his moods would go. â€Å"No, I get your point, and I think you’re right,† he said. â€Å"Not that I like the idea of you going there at all.† â€Å"I have to help Sonya,† I said. He studied me and smiled. â€Å"I know you do. I wish I could come with you.† â€Å"Oh yeah? You going to protect me and carry me out of there like you threatened to do last night?† I teased. â€Å"Hey, if that’s what it takes. You and Sonya. I’ll toss one of you ever each shoulder. Pretty manly, huh?† â€Å"Very,† I said, happy to see him joking again. His amusement faded, and he became serious again. â€Å"Let me ask you something. Which is scarier: walking into a den of crazy, murdering humans or being with safe – though kind of wacky – vampires and half vampires? I know the hang-up you Alchemists have with us, but is the loyalty to your own race so strong that†¦ I don’t know†¦ that the people themselves don’t matter?† It was a surprisingly deep question for Adrian. It also echoed my trip to the Alchemist bunker to see Keith. I was reminded of how Keith’s father hadn’t cared about his son’s moral character so long as it meant Keith wasn’t on good terms with vampires. I also thought back to the alley and how obstinate the Warriors were about hearing any truth but their own. And finally, I looked over at the dhampirs arguing in the kitchen, continuing to brainstorm covert ways of keeping Sonya and me safe, no matter the risk. I turned back to Adrian. â€Å"I’d take the vampires. Loyalty to one’s kind can only go so far.† Something in Adrian’s face transformed, but I hardly paid it any attention. I was too struck by the realization that the words I’d just uttered were akin to high treason in the Alchemists. Eddie and Angeline left later to get us dinner, and I let them take my car, so long as Eddie drove. While they were gone, Dimitri tried to drill in some more self-defense techniques, but it was hard to learn very much in so short a time. I kept thinking of Wolfe warning us to avoid dangerous places. What would he say about me walking into a den of armed vampire hunters? Eddie and Angeline were gone for a while and finally returned, angry at how long the restaurant had taken. â€Å"I didn’t think we weren’t going to be back in time,† said Eddie. â€Å"I was afraid you wouldn’t get food before your mission.† â€Å"I don’t even know if I can eat,† I admitted. Despite my earlier brave words, I was starting to grow nervous. â€Å"Oh, you can keep those in case you need the car.† He’d walked over to my purse with the keys and dropped them in anyway. â€Å"Are you sure?† â€Å"Positive.† He shrugged and then fished the keys out again. Adrian, to my surprise, watched him with narrowed eyes and seemed upset about something. I couldn’t keep up with his moods today. He stood up and walked over to Eddie. After a few moments, they moved even farther away and seemed to be having a whispered argument, one that involved a few glances at me. Everyone else looked uncomfortable and suddenly jumped in with any conversation topics they could find. I could only stare back and forth, feeling like I had missed something important. Trey called me at seven on the dot, saying he was waiting out front. I rose from my chair and picked up the sword, taking a deep breath. â€Å"Wish me luck.† â€Å"I’ll walk you out,† said Adrian. â€Å"Adrian,† warned Dimitri. Adrian rolled his eyes. â€Å"I know, I know. Don’t worry. I promised.† Promised what? Nobody elaborated. There wasn’t far to walk since he lived on the ground floor, but when we stepped outside, he caught hold of me, his hands resting on my arms. A jolt went through me, both at the touch and the unexpected gesture. His only displays of tenderness were usually with Jill. â€Å"Sage,† he said. â€Å"For real. Be careful. Don’t be a hero – we’ve got plenty of them back there. And†¦ no matter what happens, I want you to know that I never doubted what you’re going to do. It’s smart, and it’s brave.† â€Å"You sound like it’s already happened and failed,† I said. â€Å"No, no. I just†¦ well, I want you to know that I trust you.† â€Å"Okay,† I said, feeling a little puzzled. I again had the feeling that I wasn’t being told something. â€Å"Hopefully my plan will work.† I needed to walk away, out of Adrian’s grasp, but couldn’t quite do it. I was hesitant to go, for some reason. There was safety and comfort there. Once I left, I really was walking into the lion’s den. I lingered a few moments more, safe in the circle we made, and then reluctantly slipped away. â€Å"Please be careful,† he repeated. â€Å"Come back safe.† â€Å"I will.† On impulse I took off my cross necklace and pressed it into his hand. â€Å"This time, keep it for real. Hold onto it until I return. If you get too worried, look at it and know that I’ll have to come back for it. It goes really well with khakis and neutral colors.† I worried he would give it back, but he simply nodded and squeezed the cross tight. I walked away, feeling slightly vulnerable without it, but hoped it reassured him. My discomfort suddenly seemed like a small thing. I wanted Adrian to be okay. I got into the passenger seat of Trey’s car and immediately gave him the sword. He looked about as miserable as he had earlier. â€Å"You sure you want to go through with this?† Why did everyone keep asking me that? â€Å"Yes. Absolutely.† â€Å"Let me see your cell phone.† I handed it over, and he turned it off. He gave it back, along with a blindfold. â€Å"I’ll trust you to put this on yourself.† â€Å"Thanks.† I started to slip it on and then, on impulse, looked back toward the building one last time. Adrian was still standing there, hands in his pockets, face concerned. Seeing my gaze, he managed a small smile and raised one hand in†¦ what? Farewell? A benediction? I didn’t know, but it made me feel better. The last thing I saw was the flash of the cross in the sunlight, just before I covered my eyes with the blindfold. I was plunged into darkness. How to cite The Golden Lily Chapter 20, Essay examples

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Sustainable Energy Consumption in Residential †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Sustainable Energy Consumption in Residential. Answer: Introduction The business corporations nowadays are largely emphasizing on developing their sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for providing knowledge to the stakeholders regarding their economic, social and environmental performances. The business corporations in order to promote transparency in their operational activities need to timely disclose both their financial and non-financial performance to the end-users for achieving their trust and confidence. This is essential for promoting their sustainable growth and development through promoting the goodwill in the market and thus attracting potential investors. In this context, the present report aims to analyze and examine the economic/financial, social and environmental performance of Myer Holdings Limited. The financial/economic performance is analyzed through examining the profitability of the company though undertaking a comparison analysis with the previous financial year results. The environmental performance i s analyzed through examining the strategies adopted by the company for protection of environment and social performance is examined through the measures taken by it for promoting the welfare of its stakeholders. Myer Holdings Limited has about 66 stores across Australia involved in providing wide range of products to its customers in the fashion, cosmetic and home section. The company is recognized to be largest department store chain in Australia listed on ASX and have maintained its dominant position in the market by outperforming its competitors. The company has maintained a good financial position in the international market as indicated by its financial results of the year 2014. The company has reported total sales of about $3,143 million at the end of financial year 2014. The sales of the company have increased by 1.2 per cent in the year 2014 as compared to the previous year indicating the growth of the company. The significant investment have been made in its key areas including online resources, diversifying brand portfolio and increasing the store network for strengthening its competitive position in the global market place. The exclusive brands of the company in the categories of cosmetics, womens footwear, handbags and appliances have recorded a sales growth of about 1.7 per cent in the financial year 2014 in comparison to previous year results to about $638.2 million. However, the company has also reported a decline in its net profit after tax to about 22.6 per cent in comparison to the previous year due to deprecation of Australian dollar and the significant expenditures incurred by it on developing new products (Myer Holdings Limited: Annual Report, 2014). The company has also reported an increase of about 3.3 per cent in its CODB (Cash Cost of Doing Business) due to the significant investment made by the company in achieving its strategic goals and objectives of business expansion. The company has maintained a strong cash position through out the year as reflected from its stable balance sheet (Brealey, 2012). The board of Directors of the company has declared a dividend of 5.5 per cent per share reflecting its strong financial growth contributing to a full year dividend of about 14.5 per cents. The board has maintained a positive outflow regarding the financial performance of the year 2015 by deciding a payout ration of 86 per cent through adoption of such a dividend policy. The company has also adopted effective sustainable strategies and practices for addressing the environmental, social and economic impacts of its business operations and strategies. The company has aligned its growth strategies with its sustainable performance for promoting the economic development (Myer Holdings Limited: Annual Report, 2014). The financial position of Myer Holdings Limited can be evaluated through comparing the financial results of the past two financial years as follows: Financial Year 2014 Financial Year 2013 Total Assets 1,933(in AUD Million) 1,940(in AUD Million) Total Liabilities 1,039 (in AUD Million) 1,044 (in AUD Million) Total Owners Equity 893 (in AUD Million) 896 (in AUD Million) Profit earned-per share 0.17 (AUD) 0.17 (AUD) Total Ordinary Shares Issued 593 million 736 million Profit received by shareholders-per share (DPS) 0.23 (AUD) 0.25 (AUD) Net Cash flows from Investing Activities 104 (in AUD Million) 67(in AUD Million) As reflected from comparing the financial performance of the company over the past two years, it can be said that the companys performance has improved in the FY2014 as compared to that of FY2013. The company has reported a decrease in its liabilities and the cash inflows have significant increased in the year 2014 as compared to the previous year (Myer Holdings Limited: Annual Report, 2014). The major competitor of Myer Holdings is Woolworths Limited and its financial performance can be illustrated as follows: Woolworths Limited: Financial Year 2014 Financial Year 2013 Total Assets 24,205 (in AUD million) 22,250 (in AUD million) Total Liabilities 13,222 (in AUD million) 13,953 (in AUD million) Total Owners Equity 10,253 (in AUD million) 9,028 (in AUD million) Profit earned-per share 1.95 (AUD) 1.82 (AUD) Total Ordinary Shares Issued 1,243 (million) 1,253 (million) Profit received by shareholders-per share (DPS) 1.36 (AUD) 0.62 (AUD) Net Cash flows from Investing Activities 2,031 (in AUD million) 1,202 (in AUD million) The comparison of the financial performance of Myer Holdings Limited with its major competitor, that is, Woolworths Limited, it can be said that Myers need to devise strong competitive strategies for outperforming its competitors. The Woolworths have a strong financial position with increased profitability and cash inflows as compared to Myer Holdings limited. This is because Woolworths have received success from its business expansion straggles and thus its sale revenue has significantly improved in the past years (Woolworths Limited : Annual Report, 2014). However, Myers is still planning to expand its business operations and thus have not received a competitive advantage over its competitors. The company needs to execute its growth strategy of diversification appropriately for achieving success and thus strengthening its global competitiveness in the market place. For achieving this, the company is significantly investing in improving its operational capabilities through adopting the use of online technology and device. Also, it has invested in its store network for proving better services to the customers and thus driving its sales revenue through achieving customer satisfaction. The implementation of latest online technology and devices is essential for the company to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace (Myer Holdings Limited: Annual Report, 2014). The company is expecting to realize its sales benefits from its strategic initiatives in the coming period of time and thus improving its competitive image in the marketplace (Atrill, McLaney and Harvey, 2014). Environmental Performance The company Myers is committed towards minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment. It possesses a quite responsible role towards maintaining and integrating environmental management practices and accountability for the same throughout their business practices (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). Due to everyday emission of smoke and discharge of other chemicals in air as well as other natural resources the environment is becoming polluted day by day which is a serious threat to the human and other living organisms (DuBrin, 2011). In such a time, Myers has understood its responsibility towards the environment and its has incorporated environment friendly practices in their business operations. As the brand Myers is famous for its rich heritage of style, fashion and community engagement it is quite important for the company to accept roles through which it can motivate its customers towards making environment healthy (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). Myers has driven i tself on the principle of sustainability and is committed towards building a socially responsible business. Myers believes that to manage all the aspects of sustainability it is important to integrate responsibility and actions into everyday operations of the business. Myers has considered and addresses various factors such as environmental, ethical, economic, and social aspects in order to bring sustainability in the functions of business (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). Myers has focused its efforts to minimize the environmental impacts of energy use and associated carbon emissions, waste management and packaging of recycled products. With a network of 67 stores, the use of energy is one of the most important and significant area of concern for Myers. The company understands its responsibility as a part of global community to minimize the economic, social and other environmental impacts of use of energy through minimizing carbon emissions (Setchi, Howlett and Theobald, 2016). Considering all these factors Myers has developed an Energy Management Strategy, in which the company has decided a target of 10 percent reduction in energy intensity by the year 2018 from 2012. The company measures energy intensity as kilojoules of energy used per square meter of floor area. In the year 2014, the company has achieved a 6 percent reduction in energy which is quite less as compared to the last year. There are various aspects included in the Energy Management Str ategy such as building management system upgrades, wiring configurations confirmation, heating and cooling system upgrades etc (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). Myers has calculated its use of energy and energy emissions on the basis of Australian National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme which is managed by the Australian Clean Energy Regulators. Myers has concentrated its attention on increasing the use of recyclable packaging materials as the company is a signatory of Australian packaging Covenant (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). In the year 2014 the company rated as a high performer in the covenant. Another program which is called Floor Ready is aimed to achieve in-store product handling efficiencies and also achieve sustainable packaging design. By the end of July 2014, most of the direct suppliers of Myers have signed the Floor Ready agreement and almost 70 percent of them were working in compliance with the standards of the Floor Ready agreement. As Myers is working towards reducing its energy emissions, it is also working towards waste management and product recycling (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). The company has formu lated an extensive recycling program in all its stores, distribution centers and support offices. A specialized recycling program for retail stores has been designed which look after security tags, clothes, hangers, plastic film and paper cardboards. The support office of the company also recycles organics and paper towels (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). In addition to this, the excessively damaged products, samples and returns are recycled and reused by the third party suppliers. The plastic carry bags of Myers has also raised questions among the public because the company follows a sustainable route for the business operations and still it is providing its customers plastic carry bags. However the company clarifies the truth behind its plastic carry bags as they are made from low density polythene (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). These bags are strong, cost effective and are suitable for the purpose of handling customers purchases (Azevedo, Brandenburg, Carvalho and Cruz-Machado, 2014). Apart from this, they are also environmental friendly. Apart from creating new projects for environment, the company has also started to take small steps such as turning off lights while not in use (Salvad et al, 2012). The steps taken by the company has certainly proved beneficial for the company has well as the environment (Rennings,et al, 2012 ). There is considerable reduction in the operating cost of the company. The company has made certain changes in the year 2014 to achieve energy reductions (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). The company has resolved the serious problem of electrical circuit in Fountain Gate of Victoria. The strategy has caused lightening to be on for longer period than needed. Another strategy has provided a standardization of lightening and air conditioning schedules and it has also aided in reconfiguring the electrical lighting circuits in Wollongong, New South Wales (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). A building management system is implemented in Belconnen and Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory. It has helped in achieving optimization and fine turning initiative. The environmental friendly techniques of the company have also helped in reconfiguring the electrical circuit load and repairing mechanical air-conditioning faults in Adelaide, in South Australia. In addition to this the company has also done their re-wiring of their lighting circuits, switching escalators on and off and application of Myers standard settings in every day operations has proved quite beneficial for th e company. In this Myers has tried to maintain its use of energy in its daily operations (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). The company is participating effectively in the community programs in order to contribute efficiently to sustainable development through its well trained, skilled and aware staff (Fernie et al., 2013). Social Performance In the end of the financial year 2014, Myers had more than 13000 team members. Myers believes that a motivated team is quite essential for the overall success of the company and the company has achieved 75 percent of retention rate of employees in the financial year 2014 (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). The company has carried our various exercises that show that the company is good at employment engagement. One such survey was your Say in which Myers has achieved outstanding employee engagement rating of 83 percent (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). The work environment of the company is supportive and rewarding at the same time (Phillips and Connell, 2004). The company provides its employees various benefits such as Myer shopping discount, flexible working hours and quite a wide range of leave options (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). Myers has a diversity policy in which the company supports gender, age, caste, disability, language and cultural diversity. This policy is applicable in the whole working and operating environment of the company (Nemeth, 2011). From top level managers to ground level staff all are abide with the diversity policy of the company. The role of female staff in the management of the company is quite significant and vital. In the financial year 2014, the company has tried to build a customer focused culture in the stores through its program called Delivering Delightful Service and Selling program (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). In addition to this the company has also developed a new individual progress review discussion, in this the team members of team and managers were required to meet twice in a year in order to review progress, identifying the areas which require attention and recognize the achievements. Apart from this the year 2014 also focused on the development of leadership qu alities in the individual, for this the company has deigned various workshops that helped in supporting the office leaders. Myers takes care of their employees and treats them as their assets and it also arranges various kinds of on job training for them so that its employees can remain up to date with the happenings of the market (McCrie, 2015). Myers offers various on job training, instructor led training and online modules which provides an opportunity to the employees to enhance their capabilities. All the training sessions are designed for a year, in which the employees participate in both types of training sessions such as instructor led training and online training (Blair and Roe, 2010). The training sessions are not restricted to only certain staff members, the store team members also participate in new technology training systems so that in order to support the company new initiative which is My Customer Orders IPad initiative (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). The survey Your Say conducted by the company indicated that amongst the four important areas, the one area which requires attention was training and development so Myers has decided that this area will the area of focus for the company in the year 2015. In addition to this the company has a wide range of recognition programs in order to celebrate individual and team performance. In the annual Myers people recognition awards, the company has appraised and recognized individuals who had performed their best in order to achieve the overall goal of the company which also includes safety, sustainability and community contribution. The company has also celebrated the loyalty of the employees who are associated with the company with more than 25 years. Apart from recognition, safety of employees is another major aspect in Myers. The companys Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate has shown consistent reduction for the past five years (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). The company has maintained a strong focus on the safety the safety management from hazards, awareness of team members and active safety committees that are present at all the sites of the company. Apart from this, InjuryNet program of the company also provides early and easy access to the network of doctors, medical staff and physiotherapists. This program is quite beneficial for the employees as the program provides real time access to the medical staff. The self-insurance license of the company is working in compliance with the legislative obligations and effective safety and health system that help in delivering injury and illness prevention. The renewal audits of the license are also carried on time to time basis (Myer.Sustainability Report, 2014). All these programs show that company is quite concerned about the safety and security of its staff. Apart from this different training sessions organized by the company also suggests that the team members can participate in different types of training programs at a time (Phillips and Edwards, 2008). Conclusion It can be inferred from the overall discussion held in the report that it is essential for the business corporations to improve their sustainable performance through disclosing their social, economic and environmental performance. The sustainable and financial reports of Myer Holdings have depicts that it is strongly emphasizing on achieving sustainable growth through providing adequate information regarding the impact of its business operations on social, economical and environmental front. The company has achieved a good financial position through implementing effective growth strategies. Also, it has improved its environmental performance through implementing proper plans for waste minimization and carbon emission. The company has placed the customers at the center of all its strategies for achieving their satisfaction and thus driving its sales and growth. Also, it places special emphasis on promoting the welfare of its employees through developing proper remuneration policies an d providing them a healthy workplace environment. References Atrill, P., McLaney, E. and Harvey, D. 2014. Accounting: An Introduction, 6/E. Pearson Higher Education AU. Azevedo, S.G., Brandenburg, M, Carvalho, H. and Cruz-Machado, V. 2014. Eco-Innovation and the Development of Business Models: Lessons from Experience and New Frontiers in Theory and Practice. Springer. Blair, M. and Roe, M.J. 2010. Employees and Corporate Governance. Brookings Institution Press. Brealey, R.A. 2012. Principles of Corporate Finance. Tata McGraw-Hill Education. DuBrin, A.J. 2011. Essentials of Management. Cengage Learning. Fernie, J. et al. 2013. Principles of Retailing. Routledge. McCrie, R. 2015. Security Operations Management. Butterworth-Heinemann. ed. 3rd. Myer Holdings Limited. 2014. Annual Report. Myer: Sustainability Report. 2014. 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Siddhartha Gautama and Buddhism

Introduction Born in the fifth century BCE, Siddhartha Gautama is the core founder of the Buddhist ideology. He came from a privileged family that offered him a providential upbringing.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Siddhartha Gautama and Buddhism specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The world’s view of Buddhists attaches some paramount importance to his birth, as he is viewed as the figure that brought the truth that the religion upholds. Siddhartha Gautama was a Hindu who led a faction that did not conform to the Hindu’s teachings. Therefore, it is apparent that Hinduism originated from the Hindu’s religion though it began as a reform movement from within Hinduism. Based on the words of Kinnard (2011), it is apparent, â€Å"Buddhism did not emerge from a religious vacuum† (p. 1). Vedas, which were oral texts that began in 1500 BC, are attributed to the early Buddhism. Gautama was a king who lived an exemplary life. However, when he was walking, he encountered people suffering from illness, old age, death issues, and hermits. This experience triggered his instincts. He decided to relinquish his pleasurable life to find the truth about the agony that people went through. The knowledge is summarized in the four noble truths, which include life means suffering, the cessation of suffering is attainable, the origin of suffering is attachment, and the path to the cessation of suffering. Noble truths of Buddha The first noble truth presents life as a form of enduring pain. According to Buddha, the life led by people is full of suffering and problems (Herbrechtsmeier, 1993, p. 16) because the world that they inhabit and human nature are not perfect enough to provide comfort to human beings.Advertising Looking for term paper on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More During their existence, people go through a lot of agony. They endure a physical suffering that is subjected to their bodies (Kinnard, 2011, p. 4). Some of the sufferings that people encounter include injuries, sickness, pain, tiredness, and old age. People also encounter and endure emotional/psychological pains such as frustrations, sadness, disappointment, depression, and loneliness among many others (Kinnard, 2011, p. 1). These sufferings are experienced in different measures or degrees among different people. However, despite the sufferings, they also experience some occasions of happiness, easiness, and comfort. Nonetheless, in its totality, life remains imperfect because the world is subjected to more frustrations. The experiences made Buddha find out the truth about life. This therefore marked the journey of his quest to find the truth, hence â€Å"†¦the beginning of a six-year quest for awakening (Herbrechtsmeier, 1993, p. 15). As long as one can wish to try to keep his/her life happy and comfortable, he/she cannot maintain the status for the entire period of his/her lifetime. Therefore, the world is characterized by endless sufferings that individuals have to encounter. During his venture, he found a solution to these sufferings. He managed to identify the causes of why people suffer. His title changed to Buddha after he managed to succeed in finding the causes and solutions to the sufferings. In India, the religion was a door to prosperity in life especially when an individual performed his/her actions well. In fact, in the Vedas, â€Å"emphasis is on sacrificial action, work, and the correct performance of that action† (Kinnard, 2011, p. 4).Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Siddhartha Gautama and Buddhism specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The encounters and experiences that Buddha went through changed his life entirely. His father, Shuddhodhana, managed to keep him off from such scenes- scenes o f people dying, old ages, and in sickness until his old age. The second noble of truth is ‘the origin of suffering is attachment’. Suffering originates from people’s ignorance and their dear attachment or desire on the transient things that are amidst their lives (Kinnard, 2011, p. 56). These things are not only physical or materials things that people perceive and admire to have but also ideas that they have about acquiring any general things about life. People’s ignorance is manifested by their lack of understanding that their mind is attached to these transient /impermanent materials. The reasons why people suffer is due to their clinging and craving. The suffering is brought by their passion, desire, pursuit for wealth, prestige, ardor, and the quest to become rich and be famous and popular. Kinnard (2011, p.9) refers all these as the â€Å"hustle and bustle of the world.† Therefore, people will do everything to ensure that they achieve the thin gs that they desire. They fail to understand that their attachment to these things is transient. Therefore, it is inevitable that they must lose them in a bid to usher in suffering. Individuals will acquire these materials. However, they will again â€Å"fail to manage them properly† (Kinnard, 2011, p. 68). Losing them incepts or is the beginning of more problems, as people will begin to develop complications such as high blood pressures due to stress that occurs after the loss of what they desire. The notion of ‘self’ is also â€Å"one of the objects of attachment that is a delusion because an individual cannot abide by him/herself† (Herbrechtsmeier, 1993, p. 15). Self is only an imagined entity. In the nature of human beings, the universe will ever consume them.Advertising Looking for term paper on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The third noble truth is that cessation of suffering is attainable. This implies that, as human beings, people have the capacity to avoid suffering in their life through causing nirodha. Nirodha is a terminology that means the process of unmasking conceptual attachments and sensual cravings (Kinnard, 2011, p. 65). Therefore, if human beings attain dispassion, they can eliminate the sufferings they go through. This noble truth provides a solution to the problems and sufferings that people encounter when living on earth. It is therefore possible to remove or eradicate suffering. The only way through is human activity, which entails the removal all causes of sufferings (Kinnard, 2011, p. 79). State of nivora i.e. freedom for troubles, worries, complexes, fabrications, and ideas needs to be managed by or attained by human beings’ own initiative of perfecting their dispassion. Therefore, people’s sufferings are something that they can avoid and or manage if they have the po wer and will not to do that. It remains a decision made by an individual. For instance, many people crave to lead certain kinds of life. Such imaginations increase suffering and agony to their life (Kinnard, 2011, p. 70). The secret however of overcoming such sufferings and agony in life is to avoid behaviors such as the desire to lead a comfortable life without hustles and earthly desires. The fourth noble of truth is the path to the cessation of suffering. It is the journey leading to the end of suffering. It stands out as a method or a way that helps an individual to seek improvement (Kinnard, 2011, p. 83). This fourth noble truth is at the middle of hedoism and asceticism, which lead to the end of the rebirth cycle. The truth manifests itself in many cases. As an individual makes progress gradually over time, the individual’s habits of delusions, craving, and ignorance begin to vanish until the person is able to lead a more comfortable life. In fact, in the six years of a wakening, Buddha exercised speculation and used time with leaders of the abstainers. During his stay, he was able to understand and master their systems, but was not convinced that he had found the answers that he was seeking on the source of human suffering. The experiences brought suffering to Buddha who became emaciated because of the puzzles of life (Herbrechtsmeier, 1993, p. 2). As he reveals, once they come to the world, people have no otherwise but to go through the sufferings until they die and depart from this world. The religion comprised of many gods that were believed to be divine. People offered sacrifices to these personified forces of nature with the hope of shunning the many calamities they were encountering. They therefore did praise worshiping besides offering sacrifices to the forces. In return, they got booms from these gods in terms of increased production, protection, healthy sons, and a long life. This is evidenced in the quotation â€Å"in return, humans rec eived booms from the gods-abundant crops, healthy sons, protection, and long lives† (Kinnard, 2011, p. 3). How the Four Noble Truths Apply in my Life Based on the expositions made in the paper about the four noble truths, it is apparent that they mean a lot, not only to me but also to any other person. Initially, I got worried whenever I faced any form of suffering. However, the four noble truths make it clear to me that, since the sufferings are inevitable and temporary, I should try to live as happily as possible without worrying about the future. I need not to worry because I am not rich. All I need is just enough to take me through today. The future will take care of itself. Suffering is a way of hardening one off in preparation for great things to come. Secondly, they have helped me to know the true nature of reality that life and sufferings go hand in hand. As such, I have developed the sense of appreciating life as it is without questioning. I have been able to apprecia te that sufferings connect all of us. Thus, instead of conflicting with others, I now have the best of reasons to wish them well in their lives. Therefore, the four noble truths are a way of nurturing one’s peace of mind. Every one needs to emulate the teachings. Conclusion In conclusion, Buddhism is a religious doctrine that can be attributed to Buddha. Like any other religion, Buddhism has its doctrines upon which its followers base their ideologies. These are otherwise referred to as ‘truths’ that form the basis of any religion. The ancient belief and understanding of the Buddha religion amongst people in the ancient time was not based on truth. Buddha is viewed as an individual who brought enlightenment in the Buddhism doctrine. He found out the truth about life and human sufferings. The four noble of truths are enlightenment to the people and believers of the Buddhism faith. For instance, as revealed in the paper, human beings live and encounter sufferings. These sufferings are mandatory and cannot be avoided. However, human beings cause some of the sufferings due to their cravings and desires. The paper has gone further to confirm that, despite the suffering that people cause to themselves, they too stand a decent chance of eliminating them. Reference List Herbrechtsmeier, W. (1993). Buddhism and the Definition of Religion: one More Time. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 32(2), 1-20. Kinnard, J. (2011). The Emergence of Buddhism: Classical Traditions in Contemporary  Perspective. Minneapolis: Fortress Press. 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